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There comes a time when every agency should look at its approach and question if it’s time for a change. For me, the founder and CEO of BoomBox, a digital ad agency, that time came about a year ago.

While our clients were happy and we were hitting their goals, I felt that these goals didn’t reach far enough. The world has changed immensely since 2005 when I launched the business—out of a small basement space in Union Square. At that time, designing elaborate campaign strategies with engaging creative delivered strong results. Since then, however, we have gone through the recession of 2008, while also going up against the full Monty of social media networks and brands generating an endless stream of content.

I took a step back and asked myself: “Are we still challenging our clients to truly create value for their business, or are we simply creating noise?”

While we at BoomBox have always been a little geeky about data, last year we really dove in deep and put the information to work. By taking some basic steps with first-party data (instead of third-party data), we had a much better understanding of what was on consumer’s minds, and we could determine where each was in their buying decision. (First-party data comes from observing how people interact with a brand in different channels; third-party data comes from the data vendors.) This allowed us to put the content to work by delivering relevant information that each consumer actually cared about. And, we built strategies to move each individual through their decision process in an extremely personalized way. The result of our approach has been staggering—with increases of 50% in engagement, 25% in conversions, and a 30% reduction of lead cycle time. In short, every program we’ve developed has had a major jump in results.

I’ve spent the last year developing this proven methodology through the collaboration of technology and automation, and now we’ve cracked the code: If a person takes a certain action, then present a piece of highly personalized content.

Something this big doesn’t happen often, so when it does, it’s worthy of a powerful name. In Latin “if/then” translates to “ergo.” I’m so excited about the potential of growing valuable customer relationships with brands that I’m proud to introduce “ERGO Interactive” to the world. Join us in our mission to help visionary marketers say something relevant to each consumer throughout their journey.

John Hendricks

John Hendricks


John is the founder and CEO of ERGO Interactive. With broad knowledge drawn from his 15+ years of experience, John is an industry expert on Customer Engagement with deep roots in data science and content architecture.

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